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The Paleo Diets main aim is to improve our modern diet quality. Our genes today is a result based on life’s conditions a million years ago. Not much of the human body has changed as part of mankind evolution.
Many people have had a range of digestive issues with the typical diet of today’s society and the reason being that our bodies have not adapted to properly digest the foods of today. Fact is that cultivated plants like wheat only started about 10,000 years ago. Mankinds physiology did not keep track with these changes. The metabolism of the human body will take much longer to change while today’s lifestile is vastly different to that of way back then.
The diet is based around what the cavemen typically ate:
• Meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables form the basis. Process foods are therefore not allowed. Simply stated, the Paleo diet teaches you that if it comes in a box, don’t eat it. This is not the end of the world considering that all processed foods today are based on the natural fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. Fact is that there are many foods that the Paleo diet is based around.
• Lean cuts of meats are the solution to the Paleo diet. Liver and tongues are permitted. Although products like yogurt and cheese were not known to the caveman, they did eat eggs. However, you should limit yourself to six eggs a week.
• Nuts can also be enjoyed while following the Paleo diet. The “good” kind of fats are obtained from nuts which contain monosaturated fats. Nuts are good for lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease risk. Nuts also reduce the risk of some cancers like breast cancer. A limit on your nuts intake should be managed if you want to loose weight. Nuts is a great source of calories. The advantage of the paleo diet is that your metabolism will increase and your intake of nuts can be increased.
Paleo Diet guiding principles
A great guideline for the foods to stay away from is that if it comes in a box, do not eat it. Sugar drinks like soda are off limits. Caveman did not have these around. Actually, sugar including syrups and sweeteners are forbidden entirely. Because grains are not consumed on the Paleo diet, all food produce that are made with grains are off limits, including pancakes, cookies, pasta, rolls, etc. Plus the cavemen did not eat dairy foods like butter, cheese, cream, etc., they are also off limits.
Paleo Limits
High-protein meals are the staple of this diet. The benefits of following the diet overshadow the foods that are limited following this diet. Research shows that by following a high protein diet for six months could discard between ten or fifteen pounds. That’s with no physical activity. Add some physical activity, and you could lose even more pounds. This makes the Paleo diet a great choice for anyone who wants to lose weight or who just wants to become overall healthier. Realise that the benefits, and there are more rewards that far outweighs the limitations prescribed by the paleo diet.

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