The effects of Paleo

The effects of Paleo - Click Here!

The Paleo Diet isn’t just a diet. It’s a lifestyle! Also known as the “Caveman” diet, the Paleo diet utilizes lean meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. The underlying concept of this diet is to eat the foods that the human body is naturally meant to consume and to stay away from processed and enhanced foods.
Benefits: Proponents of the diet believe that by forcing the body to rely on fat for energy, the Paleo diet can be an effective way to lose body fat. Keeping sugar intake low prevents chronically high insulin levels, which over time may result in Type 2 diabetes. Stable blood sugar levels help eliminate mood and energy swings, leaving many Paleo dieters feeling more energetic throughout the day.
Effects: Removing processed carbohydrates from the diet increases the body’s reliance on body fat as fuel. With little sugar, blood glucose levels tend to remain stable. Because processed carbs tend to trigger hunger in many people, eliminating them and replacing them with foods high in protein and fiber often results in more gluttonous meals.

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