Using Modern Tech in Conservation

Using Modern Tech in Conservation - Click Here!

We live in modern times and yet we have committed ourselves to a traditional way of eating. Our modern lifestyles are busy and no longer centre around gathering, hunting, preparing and cooking food. So to make things easier and to ensure that you don’t leave yourself short of Paleo friendly food in the kitchen there’s no harm in using the modern technology available to you.
Having nothing in the house to eat is the primary cause of straying from the path, resulting in ordering a takeaway or snacking on something you shouldn’t. For this reason, being able to freeze food presents a paleo lifeline.
Although freezing food isn’t something our ancestors would have been able to do, we do have this luxury at our disposal. However, while freezing food can save money and allow you to stockpile food on a rainy day, it is very important to understand the health implications behind the freezing process, and how to get the best out of freezing your food.
1. Freeze Fresh Freezing will inevitably affect quality to a certain degree depending on the food type. However, the more fresh food is when you freeze it, the better it will taste when you thaw it out for preparation. Don’t refrigerate and then freeze, try to freeze the things you want as soon as you get back from the supermarket.
2. Seal In The Moisture. The freezer environment is very dry, so make sure you freeze food in ziplock bags or tupperware to lock in the moisture and preserve the taste.
3. Freeze In Manageable Portions. Chopping up food and freezing in smaller volumes will enable food to freeze faster and preserve freshness. It will also save you space in your freezer and defrost far quicker when you need to cook.
4. Don’t Defrost and Refreeze Raw Food.¬†Freezing slows down the process of food spoilage but it doesn’t kill bacteria entirely, it creates a kind of dormant effect. By defrosting and refreezing food, you will be refreezing an increased level of microbes, which may make the food unsafe to eat. For safety, once defrosted, it is best to consume the food in full.
5. Thawing, Cooking, and Refreezing. This practice is fine, because unlike simply defrosting and refreezing, you are killing potentially harmful bacteria during the cooking process. Make sure you read the last rule regarding when to refreeze.
6. Let The Food Cool Before Refreezing. Don’t leave food sitting around for ages before you refreeze it, but don’t put hot food straight in the freezer either. The reason for this is that it will start to defrost other food in the freezer, and alter the temperature of your freezer.
Now you know how to freeze food properly you can ensure you are never without paleo-friendly food in your kitchen!

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