Water in the Paleo diet

Water in the Paleo diet

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Eating and drinking like our Paleolithic ancestors can make you healthier, stronger and more energetic, according to Loren Cordain, author of “The Paleo Diet.” Many followers of the Paleo lifestyle eschew bottled water along with milk, juice and soda, preferring to have more control over the source and content of their beverages. Check with your health care provider before changing your diet. Why Water
“Your ancestors didn’t drink fruit juice, they ate the whole fruit,” says Karen Pendergrass, CEO of Paleo Approved, a food labeling system that helps Paleo eaters find appropriate food sources. “Water is the way to go,” she adds. Milk, soda and alcohol were not available to our ancestors, according to Cordain, and our digestive tract is not designed to filter out the additives that modern man puts into these beverages. Where to Get Your Water
“Filtered tap water is your best bet,” according to Aileen Ryan of Paleo Chix, a recipe and lifestyle website. She points her clients toward filtration pitchers, faucet mounted filters and whole house filtration systems as options for avoiding chemicals and pollutants that can put stress on our digestive system. Pendergrass also advises clients to buy a water filtration system. “Bottle it in glass,” she advises, “and you’ll always have a tasty Paleo beverage ready to go.” Check Your Water Source
Home filtration systems can filter out many contaminants, but it’s smart to keep an eye on where your water comes from and what else might be in it, according to Pendergrass. The Environmental Protection Agency manages a website that all consumers can access to check on their water quality. It lists regulations, contaminants, compliance trends and local water offices where you can get questions answered. Quantity
Paleo man did not walk around carrying a water bottle, explains Cordain. He simply drank when water was available, and he was thirsty. “It sounds boring, but once you get used to it and wean yourself off of soda, orange juice and lemonade, you actually get rehydrated instead of quenching your thirst with sugar,”says Nik Michaels, owner of Paleo Treats in San Diego, CA. Other Paleo Beverages
“For those concerned with electrolyte replacement, coconut water is a healthier alternative than sports drinks, which are basically sugar-water with chemicals,” says Ryan. Mineral water and seltzer are also good choices, she adds, as long as no sugars or artificial sweeteners are in the mix. Your body responds similarly to both types of sweetener, according to Ryan, so they are both to be avoided. “For those who find the taste of water boring, adding a few slices of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit is a nice twist.”

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